The Aromatic Manicurist started out as a book written to guide licensed manicurists in the addition and safe use of essential oils in the salon. The author, Melodie Hand, is a Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Licensed Manicurist in North Carolina. Melodie has been using aromatherapy in her own salon practice for many years. After doing a bit of research Melodie found that there was actually little to no current published information for the manicurist. So The Aromatic Manicurist book production began.

The Aromatic Manicurist book was a year long labor of love. It includes information that Melodie has acquired through various classes, mentors, books, and personal experience over the past 25ish years. It starts out with the basics of aromatherapy and progresses into detailed information about safely adding it to salon services and retail. The book is available in both regular paperback bound and coil bound formats.

Future plans for The Aromatic Manicurist are under development. A continued education class will be introduced on or before March 2023 and will be available in-person at Melodie’s private studio for one-on-one instruction, through beauty schools in NC, in group settings in private salons, and at various trade shows and/or retreats. These classes will include a copy of the book and a kit for hands-on learning.

There is also a FaceBook group that has been set up for licensed manicurists to join for discussion about aromatherapy in the salon.  That group can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thearomaticmanicurist

About Melodie….
Her brief bio is below.
For Melodie’s complete bio please visit her salon website at Botanical Blends – Mel Bio
Nail Specialist/Technician
Certified Holistic Professional Aromatherapist (CHPA)
Tea Blender & Body Product Manufacturer
Herbal, Aromatherapy & Wellness Coach  (since 1995)
30+ Years Experience as a Licensed Nail Tech (Licensed since 1989)

    • Licensed as a Nail Tech in FL in 1989 – Grand Finale Beauty School graduate

    • Worked with professional photographers in doing nails for hand models for 2 years (1990-1992)

    • Owned Nail Salon in FL for 10 years

    • Owned Nail Salon in NC for 6+ years

    • Private Studio 3+ years – current – Botanical Blends Studio

    • I have studied & practiced herbal and aromatherapy consulting/coaching for 25+ years.

    • Experience and education in the medical field

    • Published in nail trade publications multiple times over the years

    • Guest Blogger with NAILS Magazine – 2010