Education is an important and much needed aspect of the beauty industry. Working with essential oils is no different. Essential oils are potent plant extracts that can either be beneficial or do harm. They have many therapeutic benefits. But we must understand how to use them safely and properly in order to experience the beneficial effects.

We are currently working to develop several advanced education class options for beauty professionals, specifically for manicurists. Whether or not these classes will count toward your CE requirements for your state licensure will vary from state to state. Currently, we do know the classes will meet requirements for beauty professionals CE hours in North Carolina. These classes will NOT be sufficient to qualify one for state licensure. Nor will these classes be sufficient for use in NAHA membership or aromatherapist certification. However, they will provide those who attend and pass the class with a “Certified Aromatic Manicurist” certificate which can be used to show class participation in advanced training and education.

Please stay tuned for announcements on class availability and options coming soon.