The Wonderful World of Essential Oils

We see Essential Oils used in so many different ways. Their use in the salon can absolutely be one of the best additions a manicurist can use to elevate the services she (or he) is providing. This is the foundation of The Aromatic Manicurist. We will dive deep into this wonderful world of aromatics discussing every aspect of them so that you, the manicurist, will be well equipped to create the most luxurious customized services for your clients… might even want to partake in some relaxing treatments for yourself too. 🙂

Essential oils are the concentrated extracts from plant material. They are made up of all the aromatic and healing compounds found in the plants. We can utilize them in our salon services. They are potent and should be treated with respect.

Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that utilizes essential oils for physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.  

By incorporating essential oils into your salon services, you are utilizing aromatherapy to stimulate positive emotions and relaxation within your clients. You and your clients take in the essential oils both aromatically through inhalation and topically through absorption into the skin. By doing so, you are creating a luxury experience for both you and your client.

Future posts will go into further detail about various essential oils and their appropriate and safe uses within the salon atmosphere. I hope you will follow along and learn with me.

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