Natural Nail Care

Those long, fancy decorated, artificial nails are stunning……but so are natural nails. Nails don’t need to be long and fake in order to be beautiful. Today women, and men, are starting to move more into maintaining healthy, beautiful natural nails. Every day my salon is getting more requests for natural nail services.

There are as many reasons for this shift to natural nails as there are clients. One of the main reasons I am seeing in my own salon business is the rise in adverse reactions to the many chemicals in artificial enhancement products. This reason alone is an entire conversation in itself. Another big reason I am seeing is the desire for more natural living.

In order to keep natural nails looking their best and staying healthy the client must take some responsibility. They must commit to keeping their hands and nails clean, applying cuticle oil regularly, and protecting their hands and nails from harsh chemicals when cleaning and working with their hands. In addition, regular manicures for professional maintenance and care are important.

We will be discussing natural nail care in greater detail in future posts. This will include topics for both hands and feet. Be sure to comment or message me privately with topics you’d like to see discussed here.

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