The Blending Bar

Aside from the standard equipment and supplies that a manicurist uses, The Blending Bar is the main focus for the Aromatic Manicurist. It is where the “magic” happens. All of your blending, custom products and services, and most of your consultation will happen at the blending bar.

What you have on your blending bar will depend upon how in-depth you intend to go with your custom blending for both retail and your services. And your set up will be dependent upon your space – size, layout, decor, etc.

Some of the most basic items you’ll need on your blending bar would be essential oils (of course), various bases (salts, lotions, liquid soaps, oils, etc.), herbs, packaging options if you’re doing retail, and your blending tools and equipment (spatulas, spoons, scoops, scale, pipettes, bowls, dropper bottles). I also keep a laminated blending worksheet or two on my bar to help create custom blends when needed.

I will go into further detail about all of the supplies, tools, and equipment to include in your blending bar in future posts. Please feel free to message and ask questions as I love to hear from fellow manicurists.

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